This groovy workstation shelf unit is titled The 16th Street Crew. The base is actually rescued wood-- from the alley,
Ive got a pic! The interior is pine and all new. The arch is hardwood from a kitchen table. They are currently unfinished,
ready to be either stained or clear coated, depending on what we work out.

The ToyBotz town is still evolving. Im fiddling with it here and there, and guess what?
Its designed so you can move things around too. Lets play!

Speaking of play, this particular piece is not recommended for little kids. Truth be known, Id like to see it go to an adult. Id like to show the piece for awhile before I sell it, but please dont hesitate contacting me if you are interested and have questions or want more pix. And yes, those are CD jewel cases on the outside cubby holes.