Whaaat? No picture of the artist hard at work, or sittin' around thinkin' deep thoughts?

Nope, just me and my bike out for a morning ride, summer 2008 on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you just can't get enough of my kooky countenance, there are more pix on my Info page.


I live and work in Northern Virginia, just across the river from Washington, DC. I am a graphic designer with a great job, and I work with some really great people. I feel lucky, and blessed. A few of my favorite things? The Atlantic beaches (any beach, actually), trees, big sky, country roads and riding my beloved Peugeot bicycle. I've had her since the summer of '74. Sheís not that purty anymore, but oh, the adventures we've had...

I was an Army brat, so I've lived here and there, including two years in Iran. Much of my youth was spent in Texas, college too, but I've lived in the DC area since 1982. So, I'm kinda half Texan, half Virginian. Probably the best description of me comes from those insane days when I was playing the online personals. My profile began with, "I am a mostly serious, introspective clown." Yup, that purty much sums it up. If you wanna know any more about me, you gotta buy something, hahahaha...

Seriously, though, you want me to sit here and brag about myself? How about this? I can draw! Are you impressed? I've always been able to draw and have had artistic skills since I was a little kid. Back in high school, I fell in love with those psychedelic posters from San Francisco and would have been perfectly content to create groovy concert posters for the rest of my life. A decade later, well into my career as a graphic designer, I dreamed of being a professional illustrator, but that never came together for me. Anyhow, it has taken many years, and more than a few broken dreams, but thank heaven I have finally found my true love: working in three dimensions with wood, lighting, polymer clay, and various found and acquired objects.

Something that may be of particular interest to you is the fact that, despite my fifty-sumpin years on this earth, I'm relatively unknown as an artist. Though Iíve obviously been creating for quite some time, I just haven't been putting myself out there... That is quickly coming to an end. Now, doesn't that make you want to scarf up a ton of my stuff real cheap-- right now-- before I become famous and the prices skyrocket?